The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Additional unaired video from Zola Levitt Presents and Our Jewish Roots

Close Encounters with Yeshua

“God is Coming”

“Jewish Context”

“Miraculous Ministry”

“Prophecy Fulfilled”

“Living Water”

“Mountaintop Experience”

“Life Laid Down”

“Empty Tomb”

“Interview with Gary Bayer”

Sons of Promise

“The Wells of Salvation”

In The Footsteps of The Rabbi From Tarsus

“First Steps Toward Christ”

“First ‘Official’ Ministry Journey”

“Apostolic Ordination and Subsequent Missionary Journey”

“Second and Third Missionary Journeys”

“Arrest and Appeal to Rome for Trial”

Bad Moon Rising

“Bright Lights in a Darkened World”

“The Darkness That Nearly Engulfed Us”

“Letting the Sun Shine”

“A Star That Breaks Through the Darkness”

“Heavenly Light From Hellish Darkness”