The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “The Covenants of God”
The covenants made by God with men and nations throughout the Bible are guideposts for understanding scripture. This series illustrates, through testimony of expert teachers and analysis of the actual verses, the great covenants of God. We now live under the last of them, the New Covenant, which will be totally fulfilled at the time of the return of our Lord.
455 “Edenic Covenant”
Zola explains the meaning and significance of covenants. He then deals specifically with the Edenic Covenant made with Adam (mankind) in innocence before the fall. Zola interviews physicist Gerald Schroeder in Jerusalem regarding his theory that the biblical six days of creation do not conflict with the scientific view of a 15 billion-year-old universe.
456 “Adamic and Noahic Covenants”
The Adamic Covenant is God’s covenant made with Adam after the fall that conditions the life of fallen men and gives the promise of a Redeemer. The Noahic Covenant is God’s covenant with Noah establishing the principle of human government. Zola interviews Dan Hendrickson, an Orthodox Jew, about the specific rules in the covenant and how they apply to the Gentiles.
457 “Abrahamic Covenant”
The Abrahamic Covenant founded the nation of Israel and confirmed, with specific additions, the Adamic promise of redemption. Zola interviews Gary Cooperberg, an Orthodox Jew, and Chuck Cohen, a Messianic believer, about the relevance of the Abrahamic Covenant today.
458 “Mosaic Covenant”
This program explores the Mosaic Covenant of commandments, judgments, and ordinances given to Israel: “For all have sinned.” Zola interviews Dan Hendrickson, Gary Cooperberg, and David Tel Tsur, a Messianic believer, about the significance of the Mosaic Covenant.
459 “Land Covenant”
Zola teaches about the Land Covenant, which secures the final restoration and conversion of Israel. He interviews former Prime Minister Shimon Peres about the peace process. He also talks with David Bar-Illan, media advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
460 “Davidic Covenant”
The Davidic Covenant established the perpetuity of the Davidic Kingdom and furthered God’s plan of redemption through the future Messiah. Zola interviews Uzi Landau, Israel’s Head of Foreign Affairs, about the threat Muslim fundamentalists pose to the security of Israel.
461 “New Covenant”
The New Covenant rests upon the sacrifice of Christ and secures eternal blessedness for believers. It is absolutely unconditional. Zola interviews Rabbi Henri Noach, Gary Cooperberg, and Rev. Benjamin Berger, a Messianic believer, regarding the relationship of Jews and Christians.
462 “Review”
Zola reviews the eight major covenants and explains the outworking of God’s purposes with man. A deeper understanding of God’s covenants with man enriches our faith and expands our knowledge of the great Creator we have the privilege of calling “Father.” To Him be the glory forever.