The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Esther”
For Such A Time As This
The Book of Esther is one of the Jewish people’s favorites. In this eight-program television series, Dr. Jeffrey Seif explains its details, and points out that, like Esther herself, we Believers may be alive for such a time as this.

Note: A newer version of this series is available.

1010 “Beautiful Inside and Out”
Does God use women? Yes, He does! We begin by considering Esther’s rise and wicked Queen Vashti’s demise, and note how God elevates individuals to places of influence—then as now.
1011 “Chosen for a Purpose”
Though wickedness surfaces in various ways in every generation God positions His people to thwart the devil’s plans and fulfill His own. Here, we examine Mordecai and Esther’s placement—and our own; for we, too, are called to God’s work.
1012 “Called to be Courageous”
Faced with a plot to destroy the Jews, Esther wavers but decides her sacrifice is worth it, and says, “If I perish, I perish!” Would that we all had such resolve!
1013 “Undone by a Woman”
Unbeknownst to the scheming Haman, our story’s courageous heroine hatches her own plan to thwart him. The once-sheepish Esther stands up as a shepherdess. She boldly takes on the wolf, thus guiding the saga to its peaceful conclusion.
1014 “God Rewards the Righteous”
God enjoys using irony to give the wicked and the righteous their just deserts. While they are in progress, God’s ways are often mysterious to us, but we see the eventual triumph of the righteous—then as now.
1015 “Justice at Last!”
Our story’s villain comes to his inglorious end as he becomes the object of his own wicked scheme. Seeing the triumphal outcome of righteousness and faith will encourage us in our own lives.
1016 “Fight We Must!”
Even with Haman gone, the Jews still had to defend their homes and families. Such spirited self-defense is simply biblical.
1017 “The Triumph of God in Human History”
God turns our mourning into joy, as vividly demonstrated in this concluding program. The Jews are bidden to commemorate God’s saving power and goodness in an annual celebration, Purim. We should all celebrate God’s goodness, thereby banishing the passing clouds of pain and despair.