The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “The Stones Cry Out”
Recent archaeological discoveries greatly illuminate and validate the Biblical record. Zola and Dr. Tom McCall journeyed to archaeological sites in Israel and Jordan and interviewed the experts. Learn about the controversial Hasmonean tunnel, the first extra-Biblical reference to Pontious Pilate, idols from the time of the Canaanites, the first archaeological proof of Roman crucifixions in Israel, plus many other ways “the stones cry out.”

Note: A newer version of this series is available.

432 “The Tunnel”
Zola takes a tour through the tunnel under the western edge of the Temple Mount. From Jerusalem, we get a journalist’s perspective of the Palestinian uproar that occurred when the tunnel was opened to the public in September 1996.
433 “A Tale of Two Temples”
We sort through the ruins of Robinson’s Arch in Jerusalem, then head north to Mount Gerizim to the excavation of a Samaritan temple patterned after the Jerusalem Temple.
434 “Rulers in Stone”
Many first-century finds are being unearthed at Caesarea, an ancient city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. The first extra-biblical reference to Pontius Pilate was found there, as well as a full-size Temple replica. At Tel Dan in northern Israel, the “House of David” has been confirmed archaeologically. We also discover there an altar with metal shovels.
435 “The Jerusalem That Was”
At the Bible Lands Museum, we find a model of Jerusalem as it would have looked in 586 BC. In the historic City of David, we examine the architecture of a four-room house, typical living quarters of the ancient Israelites.
436 “Past and Future Destruction”
Ongoing excavations at Hazor have unearthed various artifacts, including idols from the time of the Canaanites, and evidence that confirms the burning of the city as recorded in Joshua 11. We examine not only the prophetic significance of the Valley of Armageddon, but also the archaeological discoveries at Megiddo.
437 “Archaeology and the Scriptures”
See with your own eyes the history that has occurred at the Citadel, which is also called “David’s Tower.” Then we discuss archaeology’s place in illuminating Scripture and also hear from a spokesman with the Israel Antiquities Authority.
438 “Cities of the Past”
Zippori was a thriving cultural center in Galilee that probably influenced Jesus as a boy growing up in Nazareth. Ekron was one of five prominent Old Testament cities of the Philistines.
439 “Shadows from the Past”
A chamber of tombs, near the Garden Tomb but dated to the time of the First Temple, help us understand the burial customs of that day. We visit the Qumran cave where the first Dead Sea Scroll was found.
440 “A Tale of Three Cities”
In biblical times, a business relationship existed between three Jordan Valley cities: Beit Shean, Rehovot (west of the Jordan River), and Pella (east of the Jordan River). We visit the excavations in each city.
441 “The Rose Red City”
The ancient Nabataeans were famous for their skill in rock carving. Petra, their capital southeast of the Dead Sea is the “rose red” city, known for its magnificent buildings carved into the native rock.
442 “A Man Crucified”
On display at the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, a man’s heel bone that was pierced by a nail is the first archaeological proof of Roman crucifixions in Israel.
443 “Truth from the Stones”
In this final of 12 episodes, Zola discusses how the archaeological artifacts shown throughout this series illuminate Scripture, and how Believers can be encouraged when The Stones Cry Out.