The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Thy Kingdom Come”
The Future of Believers
This twelve-program series searches Bible prophecy to reveal the glorious future events awaiting all believers in Messiah.

Note: A newer version of this series is available.

732 “Overview”
From a scenic park near Jerusalem, Zola gives a preview of the series, revealing the future of Believers according to Bible prophecy.
733 “The Rapture”
A graveyard on Mount Zion is the setting for Zola’s teaching on the “catching up” of believers, the first End Times event on the prophetic calendar. From the studio, Zola and Dr. Tom McCall talk about the amazing surprise and the timing of the Rapture of the Church.
734 “The Judgment Seat of the Righteous”
Among the ruins of ancient Caesarea is where Zola teaches on how believers are to be rewarded for the works we have done. We interview a Christian living in Israel, who is not working for temporal gain but is looking toward heavenly rewards.
735 “The Wedding”
At the beautiful rose garden next to the Knesset in Jerusalem, Zola teaches about the believers’ wedding to the Messiah and its Jewish context. We interview two Messianic believers as they show us their wedding ceremony and discuss its significance.
736 “The Second Coming”
There is no better place for Zola to teach about the return of the Lord than from the place from where He left, the Mount of Olives. Later, Zola and Dr. McCall exalt in the significance of the Messiah’s return.
737 “The Throne of Judgment”
From the Valley of Decision in Jerusalem, Zola teaches on the judgment of those who will live and die during the Great Tribulation. Today, the Christian Friends of Israel ministry blesses the brothers of the Messiah by helping Jewish immigrants as they return to the Promised Land.
738 “The Kingdom Begins”
Viewing the Temple Mount, Zola teaches on the beginning of the thousand-year reign of the Messiah on Earth. Zola and Dr. McCall talk about day-to-day life in the Messianic Kingdom.
739 “The Kingdom in Progress”
From the Mount of Olives, Zola explains how different it will be to live in the Millennial Kingdom. Today, Israeli-American citizen Reuben Prager of Jerusalem is looking to the future as he makes preparations for the next Temple.
740 “The Gog & Magog Invasion”
Zola reveals how at the end of the Millennial Kingdom, Satan is released one last time to do battle against the Lord. Avi Lipkin looks at the possibility of military invasion from a modern-day perspective.
741 “The Great White Throne of Judgment”
We see the wicked doomed to eternal separation from God as Zola teaches on this last and final judgment. Dr. Tom McCall offers a revealing examination of famous wicked people of generations past.
742 “Eternity”
Near David’s tower, Zola speaks of the new heaven, the new earth and the new Jerusalem. Zola and Dr. McCall discuss the delightful conditions for believers at our ultimate destination.
743 “The Music”
Combining new songs with significant melodies from the past, Zola presents the beautiful scenes of Israel that we have seen in the music videos featured in the programs of this series.