The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “The End of The Age I”
In this ongoing series, Zola has chronicled the fulfillment of End Times prophecy. End of the Age programs will run now and always until they are no longer necessary!
178 “The Rapture,” Part 1
Zola explains the translation of the Church and why we can't predict the date. Footage is shown from Zola's Prestonwood Church teachings as it appears in our Israel, the Church and the Future video series.
179 “The Rapture,” Part 2
Zola concludes his informative and meaty teaching on the Rapture, which he considers the most important prophetic subject of all. The principle of waiting for the Lord in the proper spiritual manner is emphasized.
180 “The Coming Russian Invasion of Israel”
Zola brings dynamic new urgency to an age-old prophecy. News clippings and past articles from the Levitt Letter Notebook show the startling developments toward the fulfillment of this dramatic event.
181 “The Tribulation Period”
Zola again demonstrates with news clippings, Levitt Letter articles, maps and so forth the drastic events of the seven-year reign of terror of the Antichrist. A rather frightening program and an excellent witness!