The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Jerusalem 3000”
Taped on location in Jerusalem, with the people who have lived in the Holy City, on the ground every day. This series begins with the long story of Jerusalem, where Zola covers the 5,000-years-plus-eternity that is biblically specified, and ends with the beautiful music video containing all of Zola’s songs about the City of David.
410 “The Long Story of Jerusalem”
From location, Zola unfolds the history of Jerusalem.
411 “Celebration”
Johann Luckoff, Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, and several others reveal how and why they came to celebrate Jerusalem 3000.
412 “His Honor the Mayor”
Ehud Olmert, Mayor of Jerusalem, talks to Zola about the difficulties he faces, Yasser Arafat, and the city’s importance.
413 “Lovers of Jerusalem”
Jerusalem resident Lance Lambert shares with Zola how important Jerusalem is to him. Messianic artist Elhanan Ben-Avraham shows his work and speaks about what God is doing in the city today.
414 “The Jerusalem Believers”
The status of the Messianic community is discussed with Joe Shulam, pastor of a Messianic congregation, and Eliyahu Ben-Haim, a Messianic believer.
415 “The Gift of Helps”
Representatives from two Christian groups that support the Jewish people — Clarence Wagner from Bridges for Peace, Ray and Sharon Sanders from Christian Friends of Israel — explain the work of their organizations.
416 “A True Church”
Messianic pastor Reuven Berger and local historian Kelvin Crombie show how Christ Church, located in the Old City, is bringing together Jew and Gentile in preparation for Jesus’ return.
417 “Jerusalem: Then and Now”
Reporter David Dolan discusses Moslem claims and peace-process problems, while Dr. Steven Notley surveys the city’s archaeology from the southern steps of the Temple Mount.
418 “The PLO Speaks”
Zola asks P.L.O. Representative Faisal Husseini about Palestinian claims, ambitions, and “Jihad.”
419 “The Preacher and The Professor”
Jan Willem van der Hoeven, spokesman for ICEJ, talks about Christian involvement in the celebration of Jerusalem 3000, European biases, and Hamas. Raphael Israeli, Professor of Islamic Studies at Hebrew University, examines Moslem fundamentalism, anti-Semitic education, and the sincerity of the peace talks.
420 “The Writer’s Jerusalem”
Kaare Kristiansen explains why he resigned from the Nobel Peace Prize Committee rather than select Arafat for the prize. Zola finds Gary Cooperberg, spokesman for Kiryat Arba/Hebron, appreciative of Christian support but critical of the current surrendering of Jewish land.
421 “Peace and Terrorism”
Media bias, PLO deception, and future problems are explored with David Bar-Illan, Executive Editor of The Jerusalem Post, and Ramon Bennett, author of the book Philistine.
422 “Jerusalem 3000 Music”
Producer Ken Berg and Zola team up as videographer and composer to demonstrate the glorious sites of Jerusalem accompanied by the beautiful music presented throughout this series of programs. Included are all of Zola’s past songs about Jerusalem from his various albums, in addition to new songs composed exclusively for this series.