The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “This Is Israel”
Tired of waiting 20 years for CNN and the other networks to show Israel as the modern, beautiful country it really is, Zola and his crew decided to do it themselves. Viewers will be as surprised as our pilgrims to see that this much-criticized nation is at least the equal of our own and in some ways superior!
701 “A Place of Birth”
Zola teaches from the Kibbutz Ramat Rachel in Jerusalem, which overlooks Bethlehem. He relates the history of Bethlehem from Biblical times through today, including the controversial construction at Har Homa. Then, we zip into cyberspace as producer Ken Berg interviews the CEO of NetVison, Israel’s AOL.
702 “A Place of New Life”
We go to the baptismal site on the banks of the Jordan River. Zola recalls his own baptism there, and we see Russian immigrants being baptized. Next, we interview a cancer researcher who is developing a new method of treatment, which appears to be very promising.
703 “A Place of Opportunity”
Zola tells us the history of Tel Aviv, the business center of Israel. We also visit a site in nearby Jaffa where Arab and Jewish children regularly come together in peace.
704 “A Place Among Nations”
Tom McCall tells us of the historical significance of the port city of Akko, known in the Bible as Acre. We hear from Israel’s Minister of Tourism and also from David Bar-Illan, former editor of THE JERUSALEM POST and senior advisor to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
705 “A Place of Blessing”
Zola recounts the many artistic achievements made by the Jewish people. We hear from a scientist who uses DNA to find those who are direct descendants of Aaron and the High Priests. Finally, Zola interviews the mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert.
706 “A Place of Healing”
From the Dead Sea, Zola tells how these waters are used by many for healing. He interviews the spa manager at a Dead Sea resort hotel before visiting a vegetarian spa hotel located in the beautiful, green landscape of the northern Galilee area.
707 “A Place of Revelation”
Tom McCall, senior theologian and author, gives us the history of Caesarea Philippi, now called Banias, including some of the ideas the Messiah taught here. Next, we go to Tel Aviv to hear the testimonies of several messianic believers.
708 “A Voice to the Nations”
From Jaffa, the ancient seaport south of Tel Aviv, Zola tells us how David, Jonah, Simon and Cornelius visited here. Israel’s former Science Minister informs us how “high tech” this country has become. Zola talks more with David Bar-Illan.
709 “A Place to Call Home”
Nestled along the shore of the Mediterranean, Caesarea has become a beautiful and affluent area. Zola explains the spiritual significance of Caesarea, which is a jewel in the crown of Israel. We see new immigrants coming to Israel and hear from the Jewish Agency representative involved with the process.
710 “A Place of Peace”
Along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Tom McCall reviews the Biblical significance of the area as well as its importance to the modern nation of Israel. We see interviews with Israelis and visitors from the pedestrian mall on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem.
711 “A Place of Still Waters”
From a vantage point overlooking the waterfalls of En Gedi, Zola recalls the streams in the desert mentioned by Isaiah and explains the importance of water to this arid region. We visit an agriculture tradeshow in Haifa and an innovative greenhouse in the Negev.
712 “A Place for the King”
Zola reviews Jerusalem’s history from the beautiful YMCA building. We hear from a city official and the mayor about the modern city of Jerusalem and its issues.