The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “She Shall Be Called Woman (2023)”
In this series, Dr. Jeffrey Seif opens the Hebrew Scriptures to focus on God’s wonderful creation of Man’s human complement: Woman. David and Kirsten Hart join into discussions as we look the different roles of women, like wives, mothers, counselors, managers, educators, and queens.
2318 “Wives and Mothers”
The series opens like Adam’s eyes: taking a quick peak at Eve. It was an age of discovery, and here we discover God’s Divine design for this marvelous creature. That lovers become mothers is the natural course. We consider base maternal instincts by regarding one of the Old Testament’s greatest mothers: Hannah.
2319 “Counselors and Managers”
A study of Abigail demonstrates that women are designed to be more than lovers and mothers to bear and care for children. Women have significant intuitive capabilities that contribute beyond the bedroom and nursery toward mankind’s success. The Hebrew Bible illustrates the idealized woman as an entrepreneur, an enterprising businesswoman who ably manages household affairs for herself and her family.
2320 “Deceivers and Educators”
As demonstrated by Delilah’s story, using womanly charms to entice males and then betray them is categorically condemned in the Hebrew Bible. Women’s positive imprints upon their male (and female) children are noted in this segment on educators. It is often said, “Behind every good man is a good mother!”
2321 “Widows and Queens”
The biblical imperative to take care of widows when life runs its course is noted in the story of Elijah and the widow. She kept on giving, even into old age, and as a result, God showed Himself ever-faithful to her. Though some women fall upon hard times, others fall upon good times. As seen in this brief treatment of the life of Esther, the biblical mandate to help the weak is accompanied by a mandate for the strong to use their influence for noble purposes.