The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Champions of Faith”
An insightful look at the heroes of the eleventh chapter of Hebrews. “Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” (Hebrews 11:6) Shot on location in Israel and inspired by the “Faith Hall of Fame,” this series explores not only the characters, but teaches unique aspects of their testimony to give us insight into and instruction about the development of faith. Modern-day believers, both Jewish and Gentile, are interviewed and give witness to a faith that builds the foundation for not only lives that overcome in spite of adversity, but overcoming lives.
444 “Worship — Abel”
The program begins with Zola’s overview of Hebrews 11, studying faith as reflected in the characters of this great chapter. The first character in our champions of Faith series is Abel. We study his worship and “right” sacrifice to the Lord. Believers from a Messianic congregation in Israel discuss how worship has influenced their walk of faith.
445 “Relationship — Enoch”
The life and translation of Enoch is the second lesson in our in-depth look at faith. One of only two men in the Bible who did not experience death, Enoch’s life shows how faith establishes and deepens our relationship with God.
446 “Work — Noah”
Zola teaches about the days of Noah and his faithful work over 99 years while building an ark for the salvation of his household. As Noah’s life illustrates, service and work are the best examples of faith.
447 “Acceptance — Abraham & Sarah”
While the history of Abraham and Sarah are well known, Zola examines the aspect of their faith that enabled them to accept the unbelievable promises of God. Present-day believers discuss their sacrificial faith in the face of adversity.
448 “Blessing — Isaac”
The fifth program examines Isaac, the son of Abraham. The faith of Isaac testifies to being certain of what we do not see — things hoped for. Zola discusses the meaning of an inheritance from the Lord that He has given to the priesthood of believers.
449 “Endurance — Moses”
From the wilderness location of Wadi Kelt in the Judean Desert, Zola speaks on the great deliverer Moses. Inspired by hope in God’s promises, modern-day believers tell of endurance and strength supplied by the Perfecter of our faith.
450 “Belief — Joshua & Rahab”
Zola looks at how the lives of Joshua and Rahab show a special knowledge of and faith in the power of the living God. An interview with a survivor of the Holocaust gives testimony to the faith and belief that enable God’s people.
451 “Courage — Gideon & David”
Courage shown through the lives of the heroes Gideon and David is our focus in this segment. With the Lord as helper and shield, a modern-day couple discuss how they have courageously dealt with overwhelming circumstances.
452 “Suffering — Paul”
Suffering puts faith to the test. Zola teaches with fresh insight about the life and trials of Paul, showing parallels with the life of Christ — the Suffering Servant. Believers give testimony as to how the Lord has enabled them to overcome an uncertain future through faith.
453 “Martyrdom — Stephen”
On location overlooking Jerusalem, Zola examines the life of Stephen, the first martyr. From the Crusades to the Holocaust and the current persecution of Christians in Third World countries, the cost of being one of God’s chosen is discussed.
454 “Music Program”
Beautiful footage of the Holy Land accompanied by Zola’s music, especially composed for the Champions of Faith series, creates the perfect background for the heroes of the eleventh chapter of Hebrews.