The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Israel: By Divine Right!”
In this series of television programs, Zola and Dr. Tom McCall review God’s dealings with Israel and share insights into what is happening right now! You’ll enjoy the beautiful photography, outstanding music, map overlays and graphics.
246 “‘To Your People, Forever’”
Zola and Dr. McCall introduce the series by discussing Abraham and God’s everlasting covenant. We taped this segment at Mt. Gerizim overlooking old Shechem and talked with a rabbi about land grants and covenants.
247 “Isaac, A Favorite Son”
We answer several questions such as: Who are the Arabs… the Palestinians? Where did they come from? This segment was filmed inside a Bedouin tent near the Dead Sea.
248 “‘Jacob Have I Loved’”
This program was filmed at Bethel. The subject is the familiar account of Jacob’s encounter with the angel as recorded in Genesis 28:11–22 and 35:9–14. Ambassador Moshe Erell discusses Israel’s historic “right to the land.”
249 “Exodus: Then and Now”
From a rooftop in Jerusalem, Dr. McCall and Zola review Passover and discuss how God reminded the Children of Israel of the Land Covenant. You’ll see the ship Exodus III arrive in Haifa harbor from Odessa. We talk with Russian immigrants who have “come home” to their Land.
250 “The Battle For Jericho”
This program deals with the time in history when the Children of Israel entered the “promised land” (Deut. 1:8, 3:27–28, and 9:3–5). This program was filmed in Jericho. In an interview, Jeane Kirkpatrick, former United Nations Ambassador, expresses admiration for Israel’s ability to protect itself.
251 “‘O Jerusalem, Jerusalem’”
From the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount, we review Scriptures that show Jerusalem’s importance to the Lord while He was on earth and when He returns in triumph. We discuss the future Temple and the preparations being made for it.
252 “A Nation: Born In A Day”
The history of the State of Israel is presented showing how God has intervened in major wars, expanded borders and made the desert bloom. From Independence Hall, we talk about great Jewish leaders. We interview Benjamin Begin of the Likud party and Avraham Burg of the Labor Party. The late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin also outlined his agenda for Israel’s future in a speech to the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.
253 “The Regathering”
What is Zionism, and why should Christians support Israel? Where should Palestinians live, if not on the West Bank? What is Israel’s future? We address these questions from a West Bank settlement. Included are interviews with several Palestinians living on the West Bank.
524 “Jesus… ‘The Palestinian Prophet’”
In our interviews with the editor and the publisher of The Jerusalem Post, they voice their concern over growing Arab-Muslim influence in Israeli Christian church matters. They see the churches aligning themselves with the Arab world in order to survive and suggest that doctrines worldwide are being changed to accommodate four or five mainline Jerusalem churches. The title is taken from the churches asserting, “Jesus was a Palestinian!”
254 “The Reverend Speaks,” Part 1
Christian Embassy Director Pastor Jan Willem van der Hoeven holds forth on God’s gift of Israel to the Jewish people and the injustices presently happening in the Promised Land. An ardent lover of Israel and a master of Scripture, this minister is totally galvanizing.
255 “The Reverend Speaks,” Part 2
Zola continues his interview with Christian Embassy Director Pastor Jan Willem van der Hoeven.
256 “Music from Israel: By Divine Right!”
From the powerful opening theme to the plaintive “Song of Abraham,” Zola’s music perfectly accompanies an inspiring series of programs. This portion of the transcript provides lyrics to the cassette by the same title.