The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “The World Today (1994)”
Eight half-hour programs report on world events in light of biblical prophecy. Thrilling Holy Land footage provides a dramatic backdrop for Zola’s lessons from the writings of the Hebrew prophets.
300 “Trouble at the Mount”
Zola interviews prominent Israeli journalists and the spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces, who speak about the conflict over the Temple Mount.
301 “From Russia with Love: Exodus III”
Zola continues his interview from the previous program and teaches about three returns of the Chosen People to Israel.
302 “Facing Mecca” (Eliat, Coral Island — Crusader castles)
Zola teaches from Coral Island, an Egyptian island off the coast of southern Israel that was once home to Saladin, the legendary Arab chieftain.
303 “Wars and Rumors of Wars”
Zola chronicles the Persian Gulf War and its relationship to Bible prophecy.
304 “Signs of the End”
305 “Armageddon”
306 “The Kingdom”
307 “Age of Alliances” (Gas Masks in Jerusalem)
This program takes you inside the sealed room of a family of Israeli believers during an actual Scud missile attack!
308 “The Holy War”
David Dolan, author and CBS radio correspondent in Israel, discusses Israel’s struggle for existence in a Moslem world.
309 “The View from Kurdistan”
A moving perspective from a Kurdish-American driven from Iraq by Saddam Hussein.