The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

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Episode: “Now a Christian” (Ergun Caner)
Raised as a Muslim, Dr. Caner later became a believer and now teaches theology at a Christian college. Zola discusses with him the philosophy and religious beliefs that influenced the suicide terrorists.
Series: “Signs of the End 2001”
The cataclysmic events taking place in our world today remind us that our lives are vulnerable. Global terrorism, the rise of fanatic Islam, Israel’s struggle with the Palestinians, and even the decline of prophetic teaching in our best seminaries are factors that give us signs of the approaching fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. As believers, how do we make sense of it all? Is the end near? Is America’s destruction imminent? Will fanatic Muslims usher in a new global war resulting in a major attack on Israel? Signs of the End 2001 is a video series that tackles these tough questions… and more. Join host Zola Levitt on location as he responds to terrorism in Israel and America, interviewing experts on Islam and counter-terrorism, theologians, and internationally recognized journalists who offer insights into the events which may very well usher in the end to come.

Episodes in this series

  1. The View from Jerusalem (Israel’s Reaction to WTC Incident)
  2. The Christian Embassy Speaks (Malcolm Hedding)
  3. The “Settlers” (Joni and Stu Arden)
  4. The Streets of Jerusalem
  5. Now a Christian (Ergun Caner)
  6. Fired! (David Dolan)
  7. Branson Prophecy Conference, Part 1
  8. Branson Prophecy Conference, Part 2

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