The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series:Eretz Israel (The Land of Israel) (2021)”
In this eight-part television series, Dr. Jeffrey Seif takes viewers through Eretz Israel (The Land of Israel). By exploring the Bible’s accounts of the Holy Land’s past, present, and prophetic future, we discover an inextricable relationship between the people of Israel and the land of Israel. Former CBS correspondent David Dolan helps explore the modern-day struggles that accompany the re-establishment of the ancestral Jewish homeland. On-location TV footage, dramas, and Zola’s wonderful music punctuate the series.
2120 “The Land Promised”
In Bethel, we explore God’s promise to Abraham: that his descendants are eternally bound to what we call the “Promised Land.”
2121 “Promised to the Next Generation”
In Beersheba, we discuss how God visited Isaac there and confirmed His intention to give the Land to Isaac and to his seed.
2122 “To All Generations”
Discover how Bethel became a “gate[way] to heaven” (Genesis 28:17). God affirmed to Jacob the promises He made to Abraham and Isaac.
2123 “Entering the Promised Land”
Moses continued the Patriarchs’ Land promises. We follow the story in Jericho where the ancient Israelites contended for the Land promised by God
2124 “Fighting for the Promised Land”
We examine the battle at Hazor, where Joshua secured the northern territories for Abraham’s offspring.
2125 “Promised Forever”
At the Valley of Megiddo — Armageddon — we review God’s Land promises to David and Solomon and glance at clues that speak of victories to come.
2126 “Jesus and the Promised Land”
In the New Testament, we read of Jesus/Yeshua’s vision for the Chosen People and the Holy Land. It underscores the basis for this series: that the Land is forever significant; so is its possession by the Israelites.
2127 “Israel Fulfilling Prophecy”
Wrapping up the series, Jeff and David review the State of Israel, comment on its changing borders, and consider what’s ahead in the not-too-distant biblical timetable.