The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Israel In Prophecy”
This series addresses the very human need to understand the supernatural. People all over the world are looking for… something. We interviewed key leaders in the prophecy movement in order to equip our viewers with biblical truth as the world explores every strange doctrine.
1413 “In New Wineskins”
We review early footage of Zola and captivating, dramatic reenactments in Israel. Plus, we debut excerpts from upcoming interviews by Ministry theologian Dr. Todd Baker recorded at a recent Pre-Trib prophecy conference.
1414 “Bill Koenig and Yoram Ettinger”
On our new set, we introduce White House correspondent Bill Koenig, who talks to Todd Baker about the current nuclear agreement with Iran. Yoram Ettinger describes Iran’s ultimate goal of world domination.
1415 “Gary Fisher and David Reagan”
Evangelist Gary Fisher (Lion of Judah Ministry) talks to Todd Baker about how the world will focus on Israel until the end, when all Israel will be saved. Evangelist David Reagan (Lamb and Lion Ministries) tells how the once-lost Hebrew language has been restored, and reports on Israel’s military.
1416 “Robert Mawire”
Myles and Katharine talk with evangelist and author Dr. Robert Mawire about his exuberant support for Israel and his passion for reaching the lost through his radio ministry. Dr. Mawire’s testimony bears witness to the price paid for standing with Israel… and God’s extravagant blessing for those who are willing to do it!
1417 “Where is America in Bible Prophecy?”
Myles and Katharine hear from Christian leaders about the role of the U.S. in end-times prophecy. Guests include Mark Hitchcock, Daymond Duck, Terry James, Jerry Robinson, Wilfred Hahn, Thomas Horn, and Chuck Missler.
1418 “Aliens among us”
Myles and Katharine address a subject often ignored today. The modern UFO movement has ancient and demonic roots. Christian Believers will be equipped to exercise their authority in Christ against Satan.
1419 “Bill Salus and August Rosado”
Bill Salus discusses three future wars: the Palestinian-led war mentioned in Psalm 83, the Gog and Magog war, and Armageddon. August Rosado speaks against Replacement Theology and the nuclear arrangement with Iran, and looks toward the day when Jesus reigns from Jerusalem.
1420 “Israel, The East, and the End of Time”
Instead of living in anticipation, the Church neglects Bible prophecy, leaving many Christians clueless about God’s plan for Israel while the Nations turn against the Jewish state. The antiChrist may come from the eastern (Turkish) side of the old Roman Empire. Guests include Don Perkins, Randall Price, Terry James, Phillip Goodman, and Andy Woods.