The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Joshua (2023)”
More than a Conqueror
In this series we examine how Joshua went from a dependable apprentice to the faithful leader of Israel during the conquering of the land of Canaan, a land promised by God to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Many valuable leadership lessons can be learned from Joshua’s story taught by Dr. Jeffrey Seif from corresponding locations in Israel. David and Kirsten Hart discuss the meaning and application with the Bearded Bible Brothers, Joshua and Caleb, as we see dramatic reenactments of some of the key moments in Joshua’s life.
2324 “At Sinai”
We meet Joshua waiting with other recently freed Hebrew slaves at the foot of Mount Sinai for Moses to descend with God’s laws. Joshua’s years of leadership training begin as he apprentices with Moses.
2325 “The Spy”
Twelve men are sent to investigate Canaan. Only Joshua and Caleb return with hopeful accounts while the other ten report negatively.
2326 “At the Jordan”
Joshua succeeds Moses as leader of the Israelites as they prepare to cross the Jordan River to battle for the Promised Land. God demonstrates that He will be with Joshua just as He was with Moses.
2327 “At Jericho”
The first battle for the land of Canaan occurs at a fortified city. Joshua proves his faith by following God’s instructions for attacking Jericho. The Lord miraculously brings down the walls, and all the Israelites join the battle.
2328 “At Ai”
Disobedience after the victory at Jericho leads to Israel losing the second battle in conquering Canaan. In spite of failure and disappointment, Joshua shows leadership by following God’s instructions to learn from the past and focus on the future that God has planned for Israel.
2329 “The Gibeonites”
Because of deception, Joshua’s integrity is severely tested when he faces the decision to either break his vow or keep it under false pretenses with negative long-term consequences. We, too, face deceivers determined to trick us, and we need to pray to the Lord for discernment.
2330 “At Shiloh”
The conquest for the land of Canaan is nearing its end. The Israelites have subdued the south and turn north to put down the last vestiges of resistance. The Tabernacle of the Wilderness comes to rest in Shiloh, where it will stand for over three centuries.
2331 “At the End”
Joshua leaves the legacy of a good soldier and leader of Israel, full of faith in God. Divine strategies exist that help us become victors and not victims as we seek to follow the Lord’s will and direction for our lives.