The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “The Messianic Miracle”
1018 “Revival in America and Israel” with Dr. Michael Brown
This program considers the Holy Spirit’s touching down in Acts 2, with special attention given to how the Spirit is again making entrance into the hearts of Jews the world over — an event that’s beginning to blossom in our very day.
1019 “The Congregational Movement” with Dr. Erez Soref
This program highlights the emergence of Evangelical congregational experience that is decidedly Jewish in its character and flavor, while considering the prophetic implications of a returning to Jewish expressions in the last days.
1020 “The Effect on Christianity Today” with Dr. Michael Brown
The infusion of Jewish people and perspective into the Evangelical Christian mix has facilitated new and exciting forms of praise and worship music. The Messianic emergence has also led to a review of the history of the church, relative to the Jews and Israel.
1021 “The ‘Missing Link’ in World Mission and Blessing” with Dr. Erez Soref
This program looks at evangelism and the mandate to reach out to Jewish people—something not stressed in mainline missions endeavors today. This program revolves around Genesis 12, and focuses on the blessings that accrue to individuals who support the work of God amongst Jews today.