The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Friends of the Rabbi”
The Friends of the Rabbi is a eight-program series focusing on those who were closest to Jesus while He ministered on Earth. We examine the characteristic elements of His friends, and we study the context in which each person’s relationship to the Rabbi developed. The programs consist of teaching segments and interviews with relevance to the topic of each show. We are still called to become “friends” with the Rabbi of Galilee, who is now our King!
724 “The Rabbi: Jesus the Ultimate”
This series begins with Zola’s Messianic congregation, Shalom Shalom. Zola explains how the role of the ancient Rabbi differs from that of a modern Rabbi. Then from the Mount of Olives, Zola contrasts the “whitewashed tombs” referred to in Matthew 23 with the unlearned, humble men who were Jesus’ followers. Finally, Zola discusses the role and title of Rabbi with David Tel Tsur, a leader of a Messianic congregation in Israel.
725 “The Fisherman Brothers: A Call to the Common Man”
By the shore of the Mediterranean, Zola explores the Lord’s calling of each of the four fishermen: Andrew, Peter, John and James. These faithful friends forsook all for the call of true discipleship and they became “fishers of men.” Our Israeli producer, Bill Dackman, talks to journalist and author David Dolan about his calling to live and work alongside the Jewish people.
726 “Matthew: Right Job, Wrong Man”
At the site of ancient Roman baths, Zola highlights the apostle Matthew, who was in collaboration with Rome’s occupation of Israel as a tax collector, and yet went on to proclaim the true Kingship of the Messiah. We talk to two Americans who have come to work, live and bless Israel: Kenneth Crowell and Paul Abbott.
727 “The Little Known Disciples: Small Stones in a Big Sea”
By the old city walls of Jerusalem, Zola teaches on the six apostles about whom we know little, yet whose ministries were far from inconsequential. We interview an American couple that met, married and is raising a family in Israel. Plus, we talk to a Texas oil man hoping to find oil for Israel.
728 “Judas Iscariot: A Friend to the Enemy”
Zola explains how Judas, the betrayer, was loved by the Messiah throughout their unique relationship. Schneider Children’s Medical Center services not only the children living in Israel, but also from countries that are less than friendly with the Jewish state.
729 “The Friends at Bethany: For Whom He Weeps”
From ancient tombs in Jerusalem, Zola teaches about the Messiah’s interaction with Mary, Martha and resurrected Lazarus. Then, Zola interviews Tsvi Sadan, the founding editor of a Hebrew-language Messianic magazine.
730 “The Least of These: Let the Children Come”
Zola explains how modern Israel takes care of children and how believers need to become like little children. The Messiah’s love motivates the Jemima House to care for many unwanted, sick and disabled children near Bethlehem.
731 “The Music”
Considered by many to be Zola’s most mature music, these wonderful songs were originally heard in the Return to Galilee series. Now, the excellent soloists and full symphony orchestras have been combined with updated visuals and scenes from Israel.