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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Signs of the End—Roadmap to Armageddon”
This addition to our Signs of the End series is specifically aimed at the “Roadmap,” the latest internationally inspired peace process directed at Israel and the Palestinians. We are very skeptical of that plan for reasons thoroughly explained in these twelve programs.
342 “In the Shadow of Korazim”
Zola speaks from the archaeological site of Biblical Chorazin, located on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. This was once a flourishing city, but its ruins are a reminder of what happens when we do not listen to God.
343 “Rumors of Wars”
From the studio, Zola shares his thoughts about the End Times. He warns that the Roadmap reflects a part of the Lord’s prophecy: Matthew 24 says “…ye shall be hated of all nations.” Zola quotes several news sources as examples of the media’s distortion of the truth.
344 “General of the North”
Zola interviews Brigadier General Avi Mizrachi at his headquarters in the Golan Heights. The general defends the IDF’s actions in Jenin, comparing Israel’s efforts at controlling terrorism to the US efforts in Iraq.
345 “Peace by Piece”
From a panoramic view of Jerusalem, Zola speaks about the danger in the Roadmap’s plans to divide Jerusalem. The Holy City was divided between 1948 and 1967, and it obviously didn’t work. In part II, Stu Arden talks about the history of the area, starting with the British Mandate and leading to the present-day Palestinian efforts to divide Israel “peace by piece.”
346 “Into the Swine”
Zola interviews Nisim Mezig, an archaeologist who has spent many years digging at Biblical Gergesa, presently called Kursi. It was here that the first Gentile Christian pilgrims came and built their first church in Israel. Recently uncovered ruins reveal the biggest monastery ever found in the Holy Land.
347 “Isaiah Returns”
Zola interviews an old friend, Jerusalem resident Dan Hendrickson, who has played the role of Isaiah on a past program. Dan says that there can be no change in Israeli-Palestinian relations until there is reform in Palestinian education.
348 “The Refugee Problem”
From the Mount of Olives, Zola talks about the Al-Aqsa mosque. Sitting atop the Temple Mount, this mosque was built in the 8th century by the Arabs and has become a symbol of their occupation, along with the neighboring Dome of the Rock. As a central shrine, the mosque appeals to those Arabs called “refugees from Israel.”
349 “The Coming Invasion”
A bridge over the Jordan River serves as Zola’s backdrop as he talks about the coming End Times events. During the invasion by Gog and Magog, the enemy must cross this bridge. The US has inadvertently helped to provoke this future invasion.
350 “The Battle Ground”
Standing next to a Syrian bunker in the Golan Heights, Zola presents the history of the area, starting with the story of Rebecca. Biblical sites such as Bethsaida and Kursi are nearby. In the 20th century, battles over the area intensified.
351 “The Miracle at Deganya Kibbutz”
Zola tells the fascinating story of how the Syrians attacked a small, unarmed kibbutz in 1948 with 26 tanks, and lost. One of those tanks remains as a memorial to the daring defense mounted by Israelis living on Deganya Kibbutz.
352 “The Watchman”
Itamar Marcus, Director of the Palestinian Media Watch, monitors the daily information seen in the Palestinian areas. He is concerned about the seeds of terror that are sown in the Palestinian news, talk shows and music videos. Itamar asserts that all too often the media glorify “Death for Allah.”
353 “Marching For Zion”
We hear from Americans who gathered in Crawford, Texas, to voice their objections to the Roadmap. As the Texas headquarters of President Bush, Crawford is usually a quiet, sleepy little town. But, when the pro-Israel marchers take to the streets, the Bible becomes a vibrant reason to “lift your voice unto the Lord.”