The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Love Stories of the Bible”
Zola brings to life the greatest love stories of the Bible. Through drama, Biblical teaching, and interviews, these programs reveal how the stories reflect the ultimate love relationship: Christ with His Church. Modern-day Messianic couples share how God’s “matchmaking” continues to serve His sovereign purpose in the Land today, and elements of the traditional Jewish wedding highlight God’s coming marriage with His Bride. Join us as we explore the Love Stories of the Bible.
463 “Adam & Eve: The Perfect Mate”
Many single people long for “Mr. or Miss Right.” Those in a relationship often think, “if we only had this or that circumstance, our relationship would be perfect.” But the story of Adam and Eve, the first couple, shows us that even in a perfect world — with a God-given mate — problems arise. We are reminded anew of how the sacrificial love of Christ, our Perfect Mate, has brought us back into a right relationship with the Father.
464 “Abraham & Sarah: The Covenant Relationship”
Called to leave his father’s house, Abram took his mate Sarah and set out to fulfill God’s plan. Even though it was customary at the time to have concubines, God rejected the child born of the flesh (Ishmael) and gave a child born of the Spirit (Isaac) to a barren woman. It was through Abram’s conventional relationship with his wife that the nation of Israel would spring forth. We will take a close look at covenant keepers (Abraham and his Lord), as well as covenant breakers (such as David and Bathsheba).
465 “Isaac & Rebecca: A Chosen Bride”
The sacrifice of Isaac is seen as the defining point of faith in the life of Abraham. But it is often overlooked that the next mention of Isaac occurs when he meets his future bride, Rebecca. This presents a wonderful illustration of Christ, who will not be seen again until He meets His Bride, the Church, at the Rapture. We look closely at Abraham’s servant, who serves as an example of how the Holy Spirit is sent forth by the Master to choose a Bride for His Son. We also feature interviews with modern-day Orthodox matchmakers in Israel.
466 “Jacob & Rachel: The Long Wait”
Stories of long-suffering and unrequited love are highlighted in this program on Jacob and Rachel. Jacob, the deceiver, was himself deceived into marrying a woman he did not desire. But to win the woman of his dreams, he was willing to labor an extra seven years on top of the price he had already paid. Christ gave us the parables of the pearl of great price and the purchase of an entire field for one choice parcel of land to illustrate His willingness to undertake great obstacles for the price of love.
467 “Ruth & Boaz: The Kinsman Redeemer”
While faith is not easy, we have the testimony of generations to build our confidence in a God of hope, a God who redeems His people, God established the statute of kinsman redeemer to provide for the unprotected, so that a widow would never be without an inheritance and a secure position. We will show highlights from the nation of Israel’s celebrations of the Year of Jubilee, with a focus on this ancient law of total redemption for a people and their land.
468 “Hosea & Gomer: Undeserved Love”
The story of Hosea and Gomer is a remarkable example of undeserved love. The Lord used His prophet’s marriage to an unfaithful wife to illustrate His unfailing and unceasing love for His Chosen Nation, Israel. This timeless story is proof that God’s love is based on covenant and choice, not on His nation’s (or our) given response at any one time or place. We all have something in our past that we are less than proud of. Yet the love of our Lord erases all of our past sins and mistakes, and He covers us with a love that will endure for eternity.
469 “Joseph & Mary: Commitment by Faith”
With half of all marriages today ending in divorce, our program examines the commitment of the young carpenter Joseph in fulfilling his wedding contract to Mary. Zola’s explanation of the Jewish customs of arranged marriage, told in the setting of the Garden Tomb, is a striking illustration of how Christ will one day come for His Bride. We will also show footage of an actual Jewish wedding ceremony.
470 “Christ & the Church: The Ultimate Lover”
The Song of Solomon, celebrating the love of King Solomon for the Shulamite woman, contains some of the most vivid love poetry ever written. These verses provide an analogy of the marriage relationship, but more than that, they paint a picture of Christ’s love and longing for His heavenly Bride, the Church. The breathtaking scenery of Israel serves as an inspiring backdrop as Zola teaches on the ultimate love awaiting us all.
471 “Love Songs: Music Video”
Scenes of Israel are set to the beautiful music of the Love Stories of the Bible. Come relax with us and reflect on the wonders and wisdom provided by God’s Word that reveal to us the height, depth, length, and breadth of the love of our Holy Savior and future Bridegroom. Even so come, Lord Jesus.