The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Tell It On The Mountains”
A biblical panorama as seen from strategic scriptural mountaintops. Featuring the teaching and music of Zola Levitt. Additional commentary by Jerusalem journalist David Dolan.
265 “Mount Moriah — The Promise”
Zola presents the Abrahamic covenant from atop the steps of the southern wall of the Temple Mount.
266 “Mount Sinai — The Law”
The dramatic setting of Mount Sinai and the surrounding wilderness serves as a picturesque backdrop to Zola’s study of the Law as given to Moses.
267 “Gamla/Masada — History and Wisdom”
Zola’s story of what happened at Gamla in northern Israel is similar to the more familiar account of the Jewish stand against invading Roman legions at Masada.
268 “Mount Tabor — Prophecy”
Zola addresses the subject of Bible prophecy from atop Mount Tabor, where the prophetess Deborah witnessed a miraculous military victory. It will be in the adjoining Valley of Armageddon where the world will witness its final battle.
269 “Mount of Beatitudes — The Messiah”
This beautiful mountain north of the Sea of Galilee serves as a special reminder of our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount. In this program, Zola explores the true nature of the Messiah.
270 “Golgotha — Grace”
From the traditional site of Christ’s crucifixion, Zola explains how the Messiah’s death utterly satisfied the Law.
271 “Mount Zion — The Church”
Zola teaches on the Biblical plan and purpose for the Jews and Gentiles who believe in Christ between Pentecost and the Rapture.
272 “Mount of Olives — The Kingdom”
Jerusalem’s key mountain, which witnessed the Lord’s ascension, will one day welcome His return. It is from this site, the Mount of Olives, that Zola outlines the future one-thousand-year reign of Christ.
273 “Music Video”
The beautiful music of the “Tell It on the Mountains” album is featured with marvelous Holy Land scenery.