The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Sar Shalom (2021)”
Prince of Peace
Explore what it means to walk in the footsteps of Israel’s Messiah through dramatic re-enactments produced in Israel and performed by Israelis.
2101 “Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1–16)”
We consider the “Beatitudes” and Jesus/Yeshua’s exhortation that Believers be “salt” and “light.”
2102 “Crimes of the Heart (Matthew 5:17–30)”
We contemplate how Jesus/Yeshua fulfills the Torah, murder begins in the heart, and adultery begins with desire.
2103 “The Law Brought to Life (Matthew 5:31–42)”
Yeshua speaks of human bonds like divorce and marriage, and explains how to be gracious even toward the ungracious.
2104 “Models of Behavior (Matthew 5:43–6:15)”
Yeshua teaches how to deal with enemies and emphasizes doing good to please God rather than men, and how to pray.
2105 “Eternal Investments (Matthew 6:16–23)”
Fasting pays dividends; laying up treasures on Earth alone does not. Generosity brings moral health.
2106 “God’s Material Provisions (Matthew 6:24–7:6)”
Jesus challenges followers to serve either God or possessions. Blessings abound to those who serve Him. Being forgiven, we must not rush to judge others.
2107 “God’s Spiritual Provisions (Matthew 7:7–20)”
Jesus addresses tenacity and God’s benevolence in the Christian’s life, the “narrow path” we must walk, and how our “fruits” testify on our behalf. And He warns of those whose lifestyles and teachings stand as an indictment against them.
2108 “Yeshua: Foundation Sufficient for Salvation (Matthew 7:21–29)”
God works despite evildoers, not through them. Deception of self and others gives way to truth at Day’s End. Jesus advises us to build our hope for salvation on the right foundation: Him. Jeff reviews the entire “Sermon on the Mount.”