The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “The Crusaders”
Coalition forces, including American soldiers, are commonly referred to as “Crusaders” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Zola Levitt Presents takes a revealing look at the real Crusaders of a thousand years ago, and shows that the present accusation is unfair.
764 “The Invasion”
Standing by a Crusader moat in Caesarea, Zola presents an overview of Pope Urban’s Crusade in 1095, which ultimately resulted in a bad reputation for all true Christians. Zola also interviews Ra’anan Gissin, the chief advisor and spokesman for Prime Minister Sharon, about the long war on terrorism.
765 “The Old New Land”
Speaking inside a Crusader structure in Caesarea, Zola continues his historical review of the Crusades. In Zola’s continued interview with Ra’anan Gissin, Sharon’s spokesman says that the Road Map has failed because it is based on specific goals, which the Palestinians have proved unable to accomplish.
766 “The Ambassador Speaks”
Zola continues his overview of the Crusaders in the Holy Land. Teaching in the port city of Akko, he reminds viewers that anti-Semitism did not cease with the Crusaders’ demise. In Zola’s interview with Dore Gold, Israel’s former UN Ambassador, they discuss the importance of Israel’s defensible borders.
767 “The Real War on Terrorism”
From the Western Wall area, Zola talks about rising anti-Semitism around the world. In Israel there is no “cycle of violence.” On the contrary, Jerusalem is forever. He then continues his interview with Dore Gold, former UN ambassador, regarding the need for Israel to maintain some sovereignty in the West Bank.
768 “Our Man in Jerusalem”
With the Knesset in the back-ground, Zola talks about the New Covenant being dependent on Israel surviving as a nation. He then interviews the ministry’s military consultant, Will King, about the fence being built around the West Bank, an important defense against terrorism. Zola also interviews Jerusalem resident and atomic scientist Gerald Schroeder about the devastating power of nuclear weapons.
769 “A Clash of Civilizations”
Zola presents an overview of the Temple Mount while standing by a new scale model of Israel. He then interviews Marty Cohen, a Messianic pastor in Israel, about the need for a security fence. Zola continues his talk with Gerald Schroeder about the growing threat of terrorism around the world.
770 “The Humble Knight”
Standing by Jerusalem’s Citadel, Zola talks about the Crusades and the inspiring story of an English knight who would not sleep inside of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. He then interviews Jan Willem van der Hoeven, former head of the International Christian Embassy, about the sacredness of the Temple Mount. Zola also interviews Shmuel Suran, husband of a well-known Messianic artist. Shmuel talks about the challenge of living in Israel as a believer.
771 “The Apple of His Eye”
From the site of Samuel’s Tomb, Zola interviews Dr. Benjamin Kedar, an expert on the Crusader period. Prof. Kedar says the Crusaders considered themselves “The True Israel.” Zola then interviews David Bodein, a writer for The Jerusalem Post. David warns of dangers in the UN’s efforts to aid Palestinian causes.