The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Voices From Israel”
This ten-program series not only traverses the physical land of Israel with a group of pilgrims visiting Biblical sites, but also scans Israel’s wide political landscape with the perspectives of government officials, so-called settlers and even Palestinians.
754 “Stand For Truth”
Our series begins with the tour group’s arrival and visit to Ein Karem, Ramat Rachel and the Western Wall. Ruth Matar of Women in Green tells Zola that settlers are not extremists, but normal people with a cause.
755 “Israel and ‘Palestine’” (Celebrating 75 Trips to the Holy Land)
The former mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert, joined by several important guests, speaks to our tour group about the importance of showing true support by visiting Israel. Palestinian spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi tells Zola her political views, while Joseph Farah and Ergun Caner give rebuttals.
756 “Roots Run Deep”
The group tours several prominent Christian sites in Jerusalem: the Temple Model, the Garden Tomb, the Promenade and the Garden of Gethsemane. Andrea and Gary Cooperberg, who live in Hebron, tell Zola how important they feel it is for Jews to migrate to Israel.
757 “A Place in History”
After visiting Zion Gate, the Cardo and David’s Tomb, Zola teaches the tour group in the Upper Room. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Cabinet Minister Livni give differing views on current political issues.
758 “On a Mission”
First we go south to visit the site where David defeated Goliath. Then we travel north to view the Jesus Boat and hear Zola teach us at the synagogue at Chorazim. Bridges For Peace explains how they minister to new immigrants by providing food, supplies and home repairs to those in need.
759 “Raised to Walk”
After touring the Mt. of Beatitudes and Capernaum, Zola speaks at the Jordan River. Christians Rhett and Virginia Sanders give their perspectives on the importance of Israel to believers.
760 “On the Outside”
The group has a whirlwind tour of the greater Galilee area, including Safed and Qasrin. Zola teaches at Banias, also known as Caesarea Philippi. Then we visit the settlement of Anatot with our good friends who live there, Joni and Stuart Arden.
761 “For the Future”
In honor of loved ones or just to beautify our future home, we take time to plant trees. Zola teaches at Megiddo and Haifa. A native Israeli gives his perspective regarding the settlements.
762 “Top to Bottom”
Zola talks about Bet Shean and Caesarea, and then we return to Jerusalem to hear from “the Man on the Street.” Former Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert talks to us just prior to leaving his position about this city and the land he loves so much.
763 “The Last Words”
This program wraps up our series with interviews from our old friend David Dolan, Mack and Cathy McCoy, and others.