The Jewish roots of Christianity

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Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity

Series: “Dateline Jerusalem”
The Coming Temple
The Lord’s divine plan revolved around a specific people, a place, and a promise. This ten-part series spotlights plans to reconstruct the Temple in Jerusalem featuring Dr. Jeffrey Seif, with the Bearded Bible Brothers, and David and Kirsten Hart.
2332 “Sin and Restoration”
Garden of Eden, humanity’s sin led to expulsion. God planned restoration. Israel is blessed but fell to sin and exiled. Now, God gathers them again—a Jewish return, ultimate restoration with a new heart and spiritual awakening.
2333 “Places of Worship”
Solomon replaced the Tabernacle with a Temple in Jerusalem. Babylonians destroyed it as Jeremiah prophesied. Post-exile Temple also fell to the Romans. Scripture hints at a future rebuilding in God’s divine plan.
2334 “Way of Worship”
The Law details the Tabernacle and Temple worship. It’s sanctity was violated by money changers which upset Jesus. Prophetic insights foresee a future Temple desecration.
2335 “Need for Worship”
The Diaspora ended when Jews returned at Israel’s nationhood, but most lacked faith. Scripture predicts a future revival, an embrace Moses’ Law and worship of God through the sacrificial system at a reinstated Temple.
2336 “Next Place of Worship”
Ezekiel foresaw an expanded Temple and Paul warned of the anti-Christ’s defilement. These prophecies point to a future events. The Bible assures that there is a Temple in operation the end times climax.
2337 “Place for Israel”
Despite past failures, the Jewish people’s regathering in their ancestral homeland as a modern nation provides visible proof of God’s presence and providence.
2338 “Sacrifices for Sin”
Under the Law, sin’s penalty is death requiring a blood sacrifice, foreshadowing Jesus’ atonement making sacrifices at a future Temple merely symbolic.
2339 “Future of Worship”
Sin divides the creation from the Creator. Eden’s loss didn’t extinguish the hope of restoration. Prophecy foretells the Messiah reigning over the entire world from Jerusalem’s Temple.
2340 “Ancient Sounds”
On this program, we hear the sounds of the coming Temple, beginning with the shofar. Robert Weinger, the owner of Shofar So Great near Jericho, is a very recognizable sight in Israel wherever the shofar is blown. The builders of the harps that will be played in the coming Temple are recognizable to past viewers. Micah and Shoshanna Harrari have lived in Israel for many decades and continue to design and promote the music of the harp.
2341 “Temple Conference”
Efforts to promote the next Temple continue. This program features excerpts from the 2023 Temple Mount Jerusalem Convention, plus an extended interview with Mark Hitchcock.